2017 music plan

(EDIT: Even as of January 31st, 2017, I have already strayed from this plan a little bit. I’d rather not continually update this so just stay on top of my newer blog posts or tweets. I’ll release an end of year post before 2018 analyzing how well I did. If you want to know the latest stuff I’m doing, check out newer posts.)

In 2017, I will be making a minimum of one song per week. This will be the biggest, most difficult music project I’ve tackled thus far but I think I’m ready. I started anxiety medication in November and since then life has seemed a lot more manageable. Life is never easy but at least I don’t have constant, gnawing anxiety plaguing me now!

Here’s what I’ve got planned thus far: Continue reading “2017 music plan”

New domain for a new Nick

Welcome to my new domain,! I have decided to retire for the foreseeable future in favor of using my actual name to brand myself. What a concept! 😛

Around January 1st, I will be sharing more details about my music plans for the year. Just a heads-up, it’s going to get pretty crazy! I got the post up a bit early so check out the madness for yourself. If you’d like to stay in the loop, subscribe to email updates!